Coffee Break

Walter Röhrl

The BILSTEIN Legends series is our latest video production. It celebrates our involvement with all types of motorsport and features champions from our most diverse disciplines.

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Setting the scene at BILSTEIN HQ

This episode sees Walter Röhrl introduce the BILSTEIN Legends project over his favorite beverage, a nice cup of tea. Walter is a man who needs no introduction, his successes precede him and he is a man of motorsport tradition. His team however is assembled of some of the most cutting edge and radical motorsport champions around.

More about this Legend

“I have given every rider a challenge that will take him to his limits. Let's see who can handle it.”

– Walter Röhrl

Behind the scenes

Ennepetal is home to the majority of BILSTEIN research and development and it’s here that the European racing dampers are designed, built and maintained. As you can imagine, with a plethora of racing champions in the vicinity it caused quite a stir with the BILSTEINers, even more so when the Red Bull Driftbrothers opened up the ferocious sounding V8 engine.