Episode 1

Red Bull Driftbrothers

The Romanian Făgărăș mountains are home to one of the most beautiful roads in Europe and at an altitude of 6,699ft, this pass can be treacherous. The perfect place to go drifting, then!

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Two brothers. One drift.

Usually drifting is the only judged motorsport on four wheels by a panel, which evaluates each driver's run from 0-100 points in four ways:

  1. Speed
  2. Line
  3. Drift Angle
  4. Individual Style

This is not the norm, though. Why? Well, in Romania, the Red Bull Driftbrothers will only be judged by the 2km high mountain road, as they pass through the clouds.

More about this Legend

“Drifting into the cloudy mountain was simply crazy!”

– Elias Hountondji

Behind the scenes

Planes, cranes and driftmobiles. The behind the scenes video takes you through the making of this epic mountain drift and explores what it takes to make the Drift Brothers’ dream become a reality. Enjoy!

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