Red Bull Driftbrothers

Two cars driven by two brothers, both running BILSTEIN suspension. Like many legendary stories, this one's about family.

  • Series: King of Europe, Driftmasters
  • Drivers: Joe & Elias Hountondji
  • Cars: NISSAN 200SX S13, BMW E30 370 i (Modifications included)


Red Bull Driftbrothers

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Sustained loss of traction

BILSTEIN is proud to have partnered with the Driftbrothers since their early days of driving sideways with skill and smiles!

The 200SX pick-up is powered by a 7.2-litre V8 LS7 motor making 630hp. Whereas the E30 has a 7.0-litre LS7 motor making 600hp. Which one would you take to the mountain?